Jayde Creed is a singer-songwriter currently residing in Vancouver, Canada.

After uploading her music online, Jayde has accumulated over 10,000 viewers from around the World on her YouTube channel. Performing at local venues and events throughout Vancouver, she is now planning more performances throughout the whole of Canada.

Originally from Australia, Jayde started pursuing her music career at the age of 18 with her involvement in Australian punk-band ‘Myrtle Place’. After 5 years of involvement with the band, Jayde decided to pursue a solo music career in Canada.

Specializing in electric performance, her original music has been described as indie/pop. Using a looping station Jayde is able to layer various guitar notes to create emotionally charged, dynamic and powerful music that appeals to a wide audience.

Jayde now has over 8 years worth of experience in touring, studio recording and live performing.

By practicing authenticity and vulnerability both in her daily life and in her creative process, Jayde hopes that her music can help spark healing in those that need it the most.